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with somebody else. she is going with me. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ >> bob: president obama was met by benjamin netanyahu and the israeli government. they made it clear to iran that there are diplomatic options left and military options. >> greg: the white house threatened to cancel easter egg hunt. it stepped in with greg roll. but zoning ordinances say grown men can't host children. even if they're under 18 or 19. i wrote a check for $25. the easter stuff. i think it goes to beer. i'm going have it somewhere. >> dana: surprise, try to get i
were at these compositions, against a regime that is a supported obama -- supported by iran? i will keep it short because there is a lot i want to ask. >> to be very brief, congressman, i, personally, do not agree we waited so long. we were helping democracy activists when i'd was in syria in 2011. we were doing a lot to help them. >> what was the reason to hold legal aid at that point? >> a lot of people in syria did not want outside interference in their uprising, the revolution. for a long time. through 2011. the syrians themselves wanted their demonstrations to be peaceful. armedid not want foreign intervention. they were bitterly criticizing iran for their intervention. >> i am talking about when it came to a shooting war. i am trying to figure this out because i do not know the answer. this is a difficult quandary. let me ask another question. when we talk about the red line and the use of chemical weapons, i know this has been hammered, especially by the chairman, we will find out what happened. it is a matter of time if we find out whether they had chemical weapons. a r
relationship with obama because obama holds the key on that front, certainly on iran. >> reporter: speaking of iran-- and i'll come back to that relationship-- is what the president saided in an interview with israeli television, will that comfort israelis? >> it certainly should comfort israelis. after all, the record suggests that the administration has worked very, very hard on the iranian challenge and the president has said that take my word, we're not interested in containing iran, we're interested in preventing iran from developing nuclear technology. i think it should assuage israelis who are concerned about this issue i wonder why-- and this seems to be part of the conversation in washington-- that israelis need an american president to show some deep emotional attachment to affirm their rootedness to israel. this is a strong society, a country that has done remarkable things over the course of its 65-year history. i'm not sure why an american president -- only four of the last ten or 11 presidents have gone to israel, why this is so important. the other thing that aaron said that
is coming out of that part of the world. iran could have a nuclear weapon. some say months and some say years. what is the appetite for air strikes on iran among those in israel. is there an expectation that president obama hints that that would be allowed on that type of visit? >> the israelis themselves are divided on this issue. it is one that netanyahu has spoken about publicly and famously in the un. he said the iranians will act soon. he will use military force to prevent the iranians from gaining a nuclear weapon. the president said he is likely to repeat that. the israelis themselves are divided on the issue. a lost israelis don't want more enemies in the region. they see what's happening in egypt and syria and don't think it's necessary to pick another hot war with iran. it is just a matter of time for iran and their enemy to develop a weapon that would be an existential threat to the state of israel. >> we thank you so much for joining us and we appreciate it. we have to commend you for the article in "vanity fair." well written. take care. up next, we will go live to charlest
. during his first term, president obama was focused on ending two wars. now he faces two different challenges, iran could be potential nuclear capability or what happens next in syria. both offer challenges that israel also faces in and work existential way. there are of common mind. the key question is, what happens next, whether it's on iran, syria or ultimately the conflict? >> can we afford a symbolic trip? there is a lot at stake, what the region is going through, what the partners of israel have seen as necessary to protect itself, what the palestinian response has been to two-state solutions. how we figure our way out of here, and how does the president respond? >> the president is finding out that it's very difficult to lower expectations on a visit by the president of the united states. i think that the logic behind the trip, there are a few things. the president understands that he did not attempt to make a connection with the israeli people during his first term in a way that he perhaps should have. given what you mentioned, these are things, issues on which if they are
starts now.president obama is in the middle east. tackling issues ranging from iranian nukes, to syria's (arrival music) iran's nuclear threats. syria's chemical weapons the stalled israeli=palestinian peace process. grant lodes is here to show us what's happened so far. >> well if the goal was to win over skeptical israelis, he is off to a good start. what the country's oldest newspaper calls the president's "all=out, guns blazing, no=holds barred charm offensive" began as soon as the dooropened on air force one. >> how are you. >> good to see you >> thank you so much. >> reporter: a live lapel mike allowed the world to listen in as the president joked with israel's prime minister. >> obama: "it was good. it was good." >> netanyahu: "get to rest for these next two days." >> obama: ".get away from congress." netanyahu: the president's first official word on israeli soil: peace as defined by israel means a willingness to go to war to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons. >> "in order to stop iran's program peacefully diplomacy must be augment by clear threat of military action." >>
on the hook if iran doesn't react d diplomaticall diplomatically. >> it seems to raise a question of the president's credibility. u.s. standing probably has risen under president obama, but clout has fallen for the reasons i stated earlier, because of his reluctance to get involved over there. if you're the iranians and he says something like this, do you really take it it seriously at this point or is it simply barack obama saying things because he believes them himself? >> i would bet bret takes issue with the point about the standing question of the-- >> we're less popular in the arab world than we were, in much of the arab world than we were in the last year of george w. bush's presidency. >> paul: george, you mentioned jordan. is king abdullah, be the next arab ruler to fall in that region? and what would be the consequences, not just for israel, but for our own interests? >> it would be a disaster, we'd lose one of the last few moderates in the arab world and israel would lose along its longest border and-- >> how much trouble is the king in? i know there have beenprotests,
think the obama administration should not take a leading role in those negotiations. the president will also focus on iran. according to state tv launched a destroyer in the caspian sea yesterday. israeli leaders are expected to push the president about the white house approach to stopping tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >>> there's big takeaways from the annual gathering of conservatives known as cpac, including signs that it could be a crowded presidential field in 2016 for a republican party still trying to find its footing. amid a field of 23 potential candidates, senator rands paul narrowly edged out senator marco rubio and over the course of several days dozens of leaders across the country took the stage there. despite efforts to energize the dialogue turned pointed and public. sarah palin challenged party brass to stop trying to rebrand the gop. she blasted establishment figures for their efforts to only fund candidates they consider viable in a general election. it was a message that drew a quick response from one of the party's top strat gists. >> the last thing w
that they will not be able to discuss anything. am i dreaming, aren't they going to talk about the iran threat and syria and the massive problems there and egypt. the region in some sense is unraveling, dan, president obama knows that. prime minister netanyahu knows that. cou so, can they get manage out of this? >> there's a lot to talk b but a lot of it is relationship repair. the first term the president, to borrow his phrase, he pursued a strategy in the middle east in which he wanted distance. he said that his u.s. relationship was perceived to close to the prime minister of israel. and so they needed to create space. here he is four years later, nothing to show for it, there's trust issues between the president and the palestinian leaders, so he is trying something different. coming to israel. bear hugging them and sending a message that they are close. as it relates to specifics, absolutely they will be discussing iran and syria and one of the things that the president will want is to reassure israel that he has their back and that he is as committed to prevention of iran developing a nuclear weap
. siemens. answers. >>> hello, everybody. here's what is happening. president obama said he would do what is necessary to stop iran from getting nuclear weapons and all options are on the table if diplomatic measures fail. maintaining $85 billion in spending cuts and avoid a government shutdown. the house could vote on the measure tomorrow. >>> and computers crashed at south korean computer companies. now it's back to "hardball." >>> welcome back. one of the more unsettling takeaways from this week's or last week's cpac conference from a video from a breakout session called trump the race card. are you sick and tired of being called a racist when you say, when you know you're not one? on monday we showed a short clip from that event where a participant suggested slaves should have been thankful for free food and lodging during those hundreds of years of slavery. a documentary was in the room as well and more video of the exchange. let's watch. >> it seems to me like you're reaching out to voters, with the program that you're offering us, at the expense of young white southern males like m
mean? psychology plays a big role in this. >> the question is, is obama going to be persuaded to go into syria, and can netanyahu convince him to move militarily against iran. that's the big stuff. the bon ame -- >> if they get the wrong drift in the level. >> the bon ame is to get to the big stuff. >> i think that pat is exactly right, how far obama is willing to go to put his money where his mouth is on helping israel. at this point that all looked well and good but i don't see him going far enough. >> eleanor, quickly. >> this is a gap between them on syria. i think netanyahu is just as wary of entering syria, but it did not prevent the president from going over netanyahu's head and talking to the israeli public, and there is a gap between what the people want and what the leaders want. >> here's what i want to know about syria, is do they have chemical weapons. >> they've got 'em. >> did you see that intriguing report, for a reporter who has been over there for years, reported on this for the independent, which i believe is an english newspaper, now available on your computer, w
parties back to the discussion table. >> how important is iran when it comes to this visit? obviously president obama has a very ambitious domestic agenda. he wants to see immigration reform, perhaps some gun control measures moving forward. perhaps a big debt deal. all of those things would seem to go to the back burner if there was some sort of engagement in iran. is there any worry amongst house democrats, specifically, that the president could promise here some full-on support for an israeli air strike to iran, that could have dire implications for a domestic agenda here at home. >> we have the closest military intelligence cooperation with israel that we've ever had. you almost don't know where the israeli leadership begins and we're working on preventing iran from achieving their ambition of a nuclear weapon every single day together. so it's not like when the president gets there, he's going to first begin a dialogue with the prime minister and israeli leadership about how to accomplish that. we're at the table with them working side by side every single day. this is a way to c
to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. >> will this story have a happy ending? >> this story will not have a happy ending. what we saw this week was barack obama at his best, connecting with an audience, and he made a compelling case for the need for a two-state solution, the security of israel and the well- being of the region. >> charles? >> the emphasis has been on personality. what happened is obama changed his positions on the settlement and the peace process. he realized he made a terrible mistake in the first term. he insisted on a settlement freeze as a preconditio. it wrecked peace negotiations and stopped everything. he changed, went back and said in a startling statement that if you get a peace agreement, the sttlement will be resolved-- talled automatically. so, they are not the central issue. by removing that, i think he changed the relationship with the israelis in a positive way. >> in some ways, i think he is right about this. it is also true that benjamin netanyahu is facing a different situation at home. he does not have the same kind of major
comienzo de su primera visita de estado a israel el presidente obama ofreciÓ el compromiso de que los estados unidos mantedrÍa como aliado al estado judÍo. llegÓ a israel en medio de profundas dudas sobre la capacidad de su gobierno para evitar que iran desarrolle armas nuclearas. la ley de amnistÍa salvadoreÑa cumple 20 aÑos. familiares de las vÍctimas que guardaron silencio pidieron justicia. salvador castellanos tiene la informaciones. >>> la guerra civil de los aÑos 80 dejÓ 75 mil personas muertas, una ley que cumpliÓ 20 aÑos no solo pidiÓ que se aclare la inmensa, sino que legitimÓ una impunidad que se mantiene vigente. >>> siguen habiendo desapariciones, torturas, masacres. >>> numerosas organizaciones llevan dÉcadas pidiendo que se investiguen los casos. pero hay miles de personas con historias menos notables, como la de esta mujer cuyo hermano fue ajusticiado por un escuadrÓn. >>> tenÍamos terror, no podiamos decir nada, pero eso no debe quedar impune. que se sepa la verdad. >>> este miÉrcoles se presentaron 40 requerimientos para investigar estos casos, son r
is interested in occupying iran, and i don't think the obama administration wants to do so. but it seems that the strategy, if there is one, is to make some kind of surgical strike to knock out the iranian nuclear capacity. and i'm just curious, is that possible? or is that another example of faith-based strategy? and for the general if -- in particular in that, you know, you have raised the importance of understanding how the opponent is going to respond, how -- what is the likely response of the iranians to what is, what we hope to be a surge call strike such as the -- surgical strike such as the israelis delivered on iraq or syria? >> okay, i think we've got it. go ahead. >> why don't i deal with iraq and iran, then there's another issue which i want to address. on iraq the question's very simple, who bears responsibility? i think the answer's very obvious, we do. we started the war. the iraqis didn't attack us. we went in. some may feel for legitimate reasons, others may feel for dubious reasons, some, like myself, feel for fraudulent reasons. but in any case, the fact is we started
then held a joint press conference where the three major topics werecy conflict in syria iran's pursuit of nuclear weapon and restarting the floundering israeli-palestinian peace process. today both obama and netanyahu expressed agreement with the about the need of new efforts on the two-state solution. >> so let me be clear. israel remains fully committed to peace and to the solution of two states for two people. >> an central element of lasting peace must be a strong and secure jewish state where israel's security concerns are met, along side a sovereign and independent palestinian state. >> john: which a now has been america's stated view for almost 20 years. joining us now to discuss day one of beam's israeli trip is comedian writer maysoon zayid and chief in the forward jane eisner. thankthank you fordowning us tonight. i was inspired by this. any time we get to talk about peace and the end of destructive conflict is good news to me. it almost goes without saying that the presidential visit is more symbolic symbolic than productive. >> i think there is a lot to be said about the mo
bulletin. >> president obama and it's really prime minister benjamin netanyahu facing reporters today. the two leaders met for hours after president obama's arrival in tel aviv. they say they share a common assessment of iran's nuclear program, and they announced new talks on extending u.s. military aid. >>> and 360 follows guilty verdicts in the corruption case against the former mayor of bell, california on five felony charges for misappropriation of funds. prosecutors accuse him and other former city officials of treating the city's treasury as their own piggy bank. >>> a team of researchers raising a set of rocket engines used in nasa's apollo program off the florida coast. anderson found ceo jeff beesis led the recovery effort. >>> and a bowl that once sold for $3 at a yard sale just sold for a lot of money at a new york auction. the previous own other displayed it on a shelf for several years before learning its real value. so i ask you this. how much did it go for? >> i saw the article earlier today. it was like more than $1 million, wasn't it? >> yes. a lot more than $1 millio
need to decide which road we go and not the americans, not obama. >> reporter: still, this trip could build israeli trust in the u.s. president. his messages seemed crystal clear. the israelis and the palestinians make peace, but at the same time vowing to back israel against iran. live from washington, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. raj, janelle, back to you. >> steve, thank you. >>> let's get a check of our forecast. beautiful day, but a bit windy out there. >> yeah, blown overrunning errands today. >> this wind kicking up, especially at the coastline. 20 to 40 plus miles per hour there. even some dangerous wind whipped waves across the seas. livermore topping out at 29-mile-per-hour wind gusts. the other component is all this wind whipping around that pollen. everything maxed out on the charts here. mold, ash, mulberry and oak. those are some of the predominant allergens in the atmosphere this afternoon. what we have happening is high pressure building offshore and that is creating some of that high pressure we dealt with today. let's get a look at all of the sunshine we'
barack obama know what we don't know pledging to use american power against iran and getting more deeply involved in syria? the american mood when it comes to using force feels like 1915, the end of vietnam. after that war, reluctance to commit power abroad was called vietnam syndrome. then came desert storm in 1991 and the first george bush told us that the lightning victory there had banished vietnam wearyness. >> it's a proud day for america and by god, we have kicked the vietnam syndrome once and for all. chris: after the second george bush launched two long wars, many feel war wearyness like against vietnam. against the wearyness, how should we take this week's statements from this president on veryia and iran? >> we are clear that the use of chemical weapons against the syrian people would be a serious and tragic mistake and i will repeat, all options are on the table. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting t
but that hasn't changed the perception that their relationship is strained as they try to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon. five years after he visited israel as a candidate, president obama is going there to reassure skeptical israelis about where he stands on iran. >> i have been crystal clear about my position on iran possessing a nuclear weapon. that, that is a red line for us. it's something that would not only be dangerous for israel, but would be dangerous for the world. >> while he says all options are on the table to stop iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, the president also wants to convince israeli leaders to allow more time for diplomacy. >> what we're going to be doing is continue to engage internationally with iran, understanding that we set up the toughest sanctions ever. it's having a significant effect. >> reporter: a tough sell, analysts say, when israel believes iran is closer to a nuclear weapon than the u.s. does. and the tense relationship between the country's leaders doesn't help. >> president obama and prime minister netanyahu have a strained relatio
that the united states wants to give diplomacy a chance but if the diplomacy does not work that president obama is prepared to use military force against iran. now then the question of syria, it's interesting. neither government, you played the sound bite from mike rogers, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, saying there's a high probability chemical weapons were used. neither government will say much on the record. the obama administration says that if that is true, that would be the red line the president has set in the past but they haven't said whether they have the intelligence evidence to prove it. i spoke to an israeli high government source who said we're not saying anything about that right now for good reason but they promised it would be part of the private conversations between the president and the prime minister. john and christine. >> john, it really does seem like this symbolic trip, was supposed to be a symbolic trip has brought in new urgency with what's going on in syria. let's bring in chris and katherine. >> i was wondering, what are you hearing from folks on
on that additional information. >> president obama and prime minister netanyahu appear to be getting along as well as they ever have. their position on iran seems to be aligning more than in the past. they agree iran is a year away from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> i am absolutely convinced that the president is determined to prevent iran from getting illegal will nuclear weapons. >> there's not a lot of daylight between our country's assessments in terms of where iran is right now. >> the president has a lot of meetings. he will be the guest of honor at an official dinner. >> peter doocy in washington. thank you so much, peter. >> it is time for your 5@5:30. top five stories making news at this hour outrage this morning that a suspected member of al qaeda plot to do kill american troops was secretly being prosecut prosecuted. adam haroon has been charged in civilian court noting to kill u.s. diplomats in nigeria. he was extradited here last year. leaders are live individual the obama administration ignored gitmo once again. >> military court of justice located at begin tan mow bay right now. on
to jordan and they also spent a great deal of time that iran may pose in the reasoning if it develops nuclear weapons. president obama arrived in amman to a red carpet welcome and immediately had a lengthy meeting with the jordanian leader. >> today i'm announcing that my administration will work with congress to provide jordan with an additional $200 million in budget support this year as it cares for syrian refugees and jordanian communities affected by this crisis. >> before heading to jordan, the president spent a final morning in israel touring some of jerusalem's powerful cultural landmarks. at the grave of itzhak rabin. president obama also visited the holocaust memorial joining president peres and prime minister netanyahu as well as secretary of state john kerry as well. and in nearby bethlehem, president obama toured the church of the nativity. the biblical birth place of jesus. he did that with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. the president then held one more scheduled meeting with benjamin netanyahu before taking that 35-minute flight to jordan. martin fletcher has
to solicit an apology. did israel get something in return? i hope so, otherwise it makes it like obama is leaning on the israelis. >> chris: juan, i'll switch subjects on you. with the focus on syria and the focus on iran there was relatively little talk about the prospects for a peace deal between the israelis and the palestinians. but the president did address it in the speech, in jerusalem. >> president barack obama: peace is possible. it is possible. [applause]. >> president barack obama: i'm not saying it is guaranteed. i can't even say that it is more le likely than not but it is possible. >> chris: the big news here, the president seemed to be dropping his insistence that israel had to stop the settlement construction first before there were direct talks and faleaned the palestinians and said, look, if you make a final deal the settlements will take care of themselves. how big a movement is that? >> a big movement in terms of reframing the discussion because at the moment everybody is frozen, stalled. they can't come to a decision about the settlements because you know, obviousl
they think iran might acquire that capability. these are not netanyahu and israel and obama here not the best of friends. so anything they can do to kind of ease what has been kind of four years of tension between the two would be good so they get on the same page. egypt, you know, the arab spring and the transition from dictatorship, which might have been a dictatorship, but nonetheless certainly helped in terms of the middle east balance of power because it did have a peace treaty with israel. that hasn't gone so well. we're talking about the war in syria spilling over into israel. there's no shortage of things to talk about. and i think i would also just add that presidents in second terms use a broader palette when they go after issues. they are looking at the history books. every president has tried to do something about middle east peace in particular between israel and the palestinians. i think that clock also ticks for the president. >> and how important is it for the u.s. and israel to see eye-to-eye, namely the leaders of this country, to see eye-to-eye specifically at a time when t
was committed by the assad regime and president obama says don't go down that road. what do we do about it if they did? the president's policies in the middle east from benghazi, to syria, to iraq, now iran, are failing. the region is on fire, if i were israel i'd want to trust, but verify when it came to barack obama. >> greta: you raise benghazi. >> right. >> greta: and you've been pushing that issue for quite some time. tell me, what is your next step? >> we're finally getting people to come forward and talk. they're afraid to come forward, a lot of them work for the government. i want the families to know what happened that night and american people know what happened on the ground. and look at pushing susan rice's story, this was by a hateful event crumbled. who did they ask from, why was snow help provided. >> greta: you think you can ask the survivors to the extent you get to know them and that's an issue to get their names. but the house of representatives, your party is in the majority and for whatever reason hasn't issued subpoenas for that information. you know, they could is
international headlines with this swipe at president obama. >> the world tells israel wait, there's still time. and i say wait for what? wait until when? those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before israel. >> that comment led "time" magazine to say this the next day on morning joe. >> i don't think i've ever in the 40 years i have been doing this, trying to search my mind through history, have heard of another example of an american ally trying to push us into war as blatantly and trying to influence an american election as blatantly as netanyahu and the party in israel is doing now. i think it is absolutely outrageous and disgusting. it is not a way that friends treat each other and it is cynical and it is brazen. >> today, benjamin netanyahu had to literally roll out the red carpet for president obama and say thank you to israel's real best friend. >> thank you, thank you for standing by israel at this time of historic change in the middle east. thank you for unequivocally afirming israel's sovereign right
, rockets hitting israel on the second day of president obama's visit. militants firing rockets in southern israel. we have a former aide to prime minister benjamin netanyahu. talk about the rockets in a moment. principally for your concerns of this trip is iran. what do you expect to be done about it? >> the big question whether in the private meetings between the prime minister and the president they got down to the clarity whether iran is at the red line. the big question is whether iran has gotten the nuclear weapons or is close to them. there is a report out from a former cia official, agent in iran there is a new facility that is just breaking now. we'll see how that goes. the question is how much time does prime minister netanyahu believe he has until he would have to strike and does the president support him on that. bill: your piece at is very well-written. one of the main points you make, joel, is whether or not the president would give the green light for israel to take out sites in iran if indeed you can prove the sanctions and covert operation haves failed. on the m
. iran is a big wild card because then we will know whether the obama administration allowed them to have a nuclear weapon. and if they do, all hell is going to break loose everywhere. all right. so that's definitely in play. the economy, i'm not so sure -- i was surprised that barack obama won re-election because of the economy. i mean, just for the sake of argument, mitt romney, all right, maybe not the best candidate but, still, a tremendous change he was offering, the governor was offering. tremendous change. people rejected that. and wanted this malaise and this giant colossus spending. maybe this is off othe table forever. maybe the entitlement state which mrs. clinton will embrace is the wave of the future. >> well, bill, look at one other issue that hasn't been directly mentioned and that's obama care. obama care remains unpopular. >> bill: absolutely. >> distinct possibility it will become even more so. she was for major healthcare reform. presumably she was supporter of obama care although as secretary of state she didn't speak about it is she going to repudiate obama care which
and politics is very different from e private conversations. i think obama bringstwo very tough, unpalatable messages to e israelis. number one, don't even think about using military force against iran's nuclear weapons program. and number two, you need to make more concessions to the palestinians to try and reach the two-state solution. so i think the private talks are going to be very, very tough. meliss wow! so, given that, i mean let's move over to syria for a second. one of israel's top officials saying, it is quote, apparently clear the chemical weapons were recently used in syria, but at the same time, the obam administration says, there is no evidence to support that there was a chemical attack. so you're talking about they're at odds on these other issues. they're at odds on syria as well it sounds like? >> i think we don't know enough facts about what happened. the assad regime claimed the opposition used chemical weapons. the opposition claimed the assad regime used them. our ambassador in syria, by the way is in washington, there was no chemical weapons attack at all. here is the
obama will hold a roundtable discussion with young palestinians. it follows the president's meetings with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu yesterday. there much of the focus was on iran's nuclear ambitions. >> we agree that a nuclear armed iran would be a threat to the region, a threat to the world and potentially a threat to israel. all options are on the table. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. >>> today we'll hear more about the stalled middle east peace process and what can be done to jump-start negotiations. peter alexander joins us live from jerusalem. good morning to you, peter. while we were asleep in the u.s., some interesting developments out of gaza last night. >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly right. this sort of emphasized the importance of reaching a peace deal between the palestinians and israelis. two rockets were fired by hamas militants in gaza that landed in the southern israel city of sderot. this is a city that president visited on the last trip to the region in 2008. nobody was hurt there. but again, it
to find a way that they haven't to get those talks going again. >> did we hear about iran in terms of getting a better sense on whether military action from either israel or the u.s. could happen? >> you know, going into this trip, prime minister netanyahu and president obama had a bit of a strained relationship, and i think what this did was the president made it very clear that israel is open and able to defend itself however it sees fit, and so when it comes to iran and it comes to the nuclear program there, the president left the door open when it comes to what israel may do and what the u.s. may do when it comes to maybe targeted military interventions when it comes to the nuclear program there. >> let's look at what happened, this voteorama. david, the senate was charging through about 70 amendments overnight. it finally passed its first budget in four years. it came about like 5:00 in the morning. how significant is that and in terms of timing without taking us to the very last minute? >> well, alex, as you know, this congress they tend to do that, but i think it's important
.a. on the verge of financial collapse. disagreement over iran's nuclear program has become a major source of friction in the relationship between obama and netanyahu as well. >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here. >> when it comes to our national security decisions, any pressure that i feel is simply to do what's right for the american people. and i am going to block out any noise that's out there. >> the u.s. still believes israelis are divided on military action against iran. the president said last week he thinks it would take over a year for iran to develop a nuclear weapon. israelis are also deeply concerned about syria, about instability, chemical weapons, the rise of jihadist groups right on their border. now the president heads to israel. no expectations of pushing a peace plan. the president is not so popular with the israeli public. something he hopes to improve on during this trip. ultimately as important as iran and syria are to israel, a former unsuccessful peace negotiator thinks israel has to want a solution sooner rather than later. >>
done. lots of big stories topping our agenda. just hours to go before president obama sets off for the middle east and convincing israel that he'll be tough on iran. that's topping his to-do list. we bring you a live preview from tel aviv. then ten years now from the iraq war. was it worth the cost of lives, money, and international prestige? general wesley clark and iraq war vet congresswoman tammy duckworth will be my guests. hillary clinton's the latest 2016 hopeful to evolve on marriage of equality. who is next? is this the new 2016 litmus test as the supreme court preps to take up the issue one week from today? and would always be there with the biggest welcome home. for a love this strong, dawn only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein. help keep rocky's body as strong as a love that never fades... if he ever lets her leave again. iams. keep love strong. [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this i
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like obama is leaning on the israelis. bad signal to the rest of the region. >> chris: with all of the focus on syria and iran there was relatively little talk about the prospects for a peace deal between the israelis and palestinians but the president did address it in this speech in jerusalem. >> iit is possible. it is possible. i'm not saying it is guaranteed. i can't even say that it is more likely than not but it is possible. >> chris: juan, the big news here is that the president seemed to be dropping his in is siftence that israel had to stop its settlement construction first before there were direct talks. in fact he kind of leaned on the palestinians and said look if you make a final deal the settlements will take care of themselves. how big a movement is that? >> a big movement in terms of reframing the discussion because at the moment everybody is frozen, saled. they can't come to a decision about the settlements because obviously the palestinians view it as occupied territories. the israelis moving in and the israelis view it as a matter of their own security and the
. >> let's talk about things that may get done or see some progress. president obama said to israeli tv last week, we think it could take over a year or so for iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon, but obviously we don't want to cut it too close. that would seem to be something worth discussing, the president is setting out a time frame in which iran may have nuclear capabilities. one would think that would go over with the israelis who have long been ringing the alarmt bells. what is your assessment? >> both countries' intelligence is actually pretty much in line. there's not a lot of disagreement around where the iranian program is at. i think the question that has come up is what's the best strategy, what's the best timeline for implementing that strategy for preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon. i think it's a good opportunity for the president and the prime minister to make sure they touch base, are on the same page, sanctions and diplomacy are the president's chosen route and there are others who look to see more concrete steps sooner rather than later, and the presi
'm kidding -- that's the obama never stands with israel! he probably meant iran. when he said that in his head he is like mouthing america but he's thinking north korea. >> emersia. >> hal: by the way they had a presidential election in emersia, and mitt romney won hands down. it only has two states though -- >> la jolla and where is his other house? >> hal: yeah when you sneeze instead of bless you, everyone says mercy. that's how it happens. my mom lives there. and this is the one when he is addressing, you know, the violence that palestinians experience while -- and balancing the violence that israelis experience. >> obama: it's not just when sudden violence against palestinians goes unpunished. it's not right to prevent palestinians from farming their lands, or displace palestinian families from their homes. neither occupation nor expulsion is the answer. >> hal: yeah that's pretty direct. >> yeah. >> hal: pretty -- while giving absolutely unflinching support to the security of israel not saying that any move the israeli government wants to make the united stat
is interested in scale occupying iran, and i do not think the obama administration wants to do so. but it seems like the strategy doing a start to knock out the nuclear capacity of iran. is that possible? for the general, you have raised the importance of understanding how the opponent is going to respond, what is the likely response of the iranians to what we hope to be a strike, such as the israelis delivered on iraq? is another issue which i want to address. is simplehe question -- who bears responsibility? the answer is obvious, we do. we started the war. the iraqis did not attack us. we went in, some may feel for legitimate reasons, others may feel for dubious reasons. some, like myself, feel for fraudulent reasons. nevertheless, we started it, so we are responsible. i wish we had done better. the though i am critical of war, i wish we had been more successful, less brutal. the general referred several times to the murderous character of those whom he fought. andnder how they look at us that connection? every war is murderous. it depends on what is historical and what is geopolitical and w
diplomatic priority. so will the years-long effort to block iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. today both problems have proved intractable. at the same time, president obama's trip to the middle east last week hassles put new focus on trying to restart the israeli-palestinian peace process. the trip through the region has provided kerry with a first-hand introduction to a daunting agenda and it is likely to be only the first of many such trips to come. for more on the challenges ahead for secretary of state for more on the challenges ahead for secretary of state kerry, i'm joined by michele dunne, formerly with the national security council and state department. she now heads the middle east program at the atlantic council. and susan glasser, executive editor of "foreign policy" magazine. it seems as john kerry hop scotchs around the region, all he is encountering are rocks and hard places. am i right? >> yes, you are right about that. i mean, this is a region i think that actually has been crying out for a bit more u.s. engagement, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be easy. the se
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